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Assessed Residential Property Values

Time Range: 2008       Resolution: Census Tract

Assessed residential property value is the median dollar value assigned to residential property by the local tax assessor for the purpose of assessing taxes. Assessed property value is a measure of the market value of taxable real property.


Assessed property values are proxy measures of the well being of a neighborhood. Low property values are commonly associated with lower incomes, higher crime rates, lack of local economic opportunities, and environmental quality issues1 which are correlated to negative health outcomes.

1 California Newsreel, Nationality Minority Consortia, Joint Center Health Policy Institute. Unnatural Causes: Is Inequality Making Us Sick?


The data is taken from The Warren Group Residential Statistics Report for 2008. The data includes census tract, zip code, municipal, and state level data. The Warren Group site can be found at:

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