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Maintenance Workers as a Percent of Total Employment

Time Range: 2006-2010       Resolution: Census Block Group

Occupation statistics are compiled from data that are coded based on the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Manual: 2010. Responses come from all people 15 years old and over who had worked in the past 5 years. For employed people, the data refer to the person's job during the previous week. For those who worked two or more jobs, the data refer to the job where the person worked the greatest number of hours. For unemployed people and people who are not currently employed but report having a job within the last five years, the data refer to their last job

Maintenance, building and grounds cleaning represent some of the lowest paid positions when ranked by annual earnings. These days such positions often come with minimal benefits and little to no job security. A high proportion of people in a given location employed in these professions is a good indicator of the fiscal stability of the neighborhood.

Data is from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS) 2006-2010 5-year detailed tables. This measure uses table C24010 (Sex By Occupation For The Civilian Employed Population 16 Years And Over) at the census block group (150) summary level. Forumula: (C24010025 + C24010061) / C24010001

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