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Federal Toxic Release Inventory (Tri): Number of Facilities Reporting

Time Range: 2008       Resolution: Census Block Group

This indicator is a count of the number of facilities filing a TRI report by census block group. It is used to assess industrial density and to differentiate census block groups with facilities that reported zero emissions on the TRI from block groups with no facilities filing a TRI report.

The Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) is a component of the Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act (EPCRA). It is a database managed by the EPA that contains information on toxic chemical releases and waste management activities. The Toxics Release Inventory contains information on releases of nearly 650 chemicals and chemical categories from a wide range of industries. Information is reported annually.

The number of facilities reporting on the federal Toxic Release Inventory is a direct measure of industrial density. Used in conjunction with waste stream measures for air emissions, water emissions, and overall waste it can be used to give a solid picture of the amount of industrial development in a location.


Federal Toxic Release Inventory data can be used to both measure levels of locally generated air and water pollution and of the industrial density in a given location. Pollution levels, and industrial density as a proxy for pollution levels, though positively correlated with employment opportunities, are negatively correlated to health outcomes.


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