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Full Time Employment Rate as a Percentage of Males 16 and Older

Time Range: 2006-2010       Resolution: Census Block Group

Full-time employment rates measures the number of males 16 years old and over who usually worked 35 hours or more per week for 50 to 52 weeks out of all males 16 years and older who worked during the calendar year.


Full-time employment rates reflect the strength of the local economy and capacity for employing area residents. It can be seen as the complement to unemployment rates (employ01). It also serves as proxy measure of the job skills and education levels of area residents.

Data is from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS) 2006-2010 5-year detailed tables. This measure uses table B23022 (Sex By Work Status In The Past 12 Months By Usual Hours Worked Per Week In The Past 12 Months By Weeks Worked In The Past 12 Months For The Population 16 To 64 Years) at the census block group (150) summary level. Forumula: B23022005 / B23022003

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