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Unemployment Rate as a Percent of the Civilian Labor Force

Time Range: 2000       Resolution: Census Block Group

The unemployed as a percent of the civilian labor force measures the proportion of the total population age 16 and over that is unemployed and actively looking for work out of all people age 16 and over that are classified as being in the civilian labor force (are actively looking for work), but are not employed. They are job ready, have the skills for work, and are willing to continue looking for work. The indicator reflects those who are actively looking for work but are not formally employed or self-employed. It does not include those not in the labor force.


Unemployment rates reflect the strength of the local economy and capacity for employing area residents. It can be seen as the complement to full-time employment rates (employ04). It also serves as proxy measure of the job skills and education levels of area residents.


Data is taken from field P043: Sex by Employement Status for the Poluation 16 Years and Over of census table SF3 from the 2000 census for summary levels 140 and 150.

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