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Number of Years Since Last Major Renovation: High Schools

Time Range: 2007       Resolution: Schools - Averaged to District

The age of facilities is counted from the year of of last major renovations. This is the year in which the last major renovation of the existing facility was completed. The date of a new wing was not used if there was no major renovation of the existing facility as part of the project.


Exterior and interior building conditions affect the learning environment of the school as well as educational processes occurring within the classroom. Renovation efforts may help reduce overcrowding and improve environmental conditions such as dust, pesticides, and lighting. Such renovations provide a better learning environment for students, allowing them to become more academically successful. A better learning environment for high school students could generate higher graduation rates and motivate students to attend college, which increases opportunities for employment and healthier lives1.

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The data is pulled from the Connecticut Department of Education's Connecticut Education Data and Research (CEDAR) site (

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