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Percent of High School Gradutes Attending College

Time Range: 2007       Resolution: Schools - Averaged to District

College attendance is the percent of high school graduates attending post-secondary educational institutions. It is the measured as the percentage of the previous school year's graduates reported to be attending public or private 2- or 4-year colleges, postgraduate or preparatory school, vocational school or college, or engaged in other primarily educational activities.


Education level is strongly correlated to health outcomes. College graduates have been found to live longer lives, obtain greater opportunities for employment, and earn higher incomes compared to individuals who did not complete high school. These factors are also strongly correlated to better health outcomes. In addition, more education provides individuals with the skills to control their environment and find opportunities to improve their well-being1.

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This data is pulled from the Connecticut Department of Education's Connecticut Education Data and Research (CEDAR) site (

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