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Ethnicity: Hispanic or Latino

Time Range: 2006-2010       Resolution: Census Block Group

This is the percent of the total population that self-reported their ethnicity on the American Community Survey as Hispanic or Latino.


Demographic data is a critical component to any discussion of health equity. In talking equity, or inequity, we are comparing such things as age, race, and economic standing to determine whether there are inequities between different demographic groups.

Ethnic and racial composition measures the ratios of whites, blacks, Hispanics, and other groups in a neighborhood. These numbers are significant because health care inequity and the social conditions that pertain to it tend to cluster in regions with high minority populations.

Data is from the U.S. Census Bureau American Community Survey (ACS) 2006-2010 5-year detailed tables. This measure uses table B03002 (Hispanic Or Latino Origin By Race) at the census block group (150) summary level. Forumula: B02001012 / B02001001

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