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Births With Non Adequate Prenatal Care (Apncu Index)

Time Range: 2008-2010       Resolution: Census Block Group

Adequacy of Prenatal Care is based on the Kessner Index (Modified). Kessner is a composite indicator of the adequacy of prenatal care a mother receives during her pregnancy reflecting both the time of the first visit and the number of visits. Prenatal care is categorized as adequate, intermediate or inadequate based on three items from the birth certificate: timing of the first prenatal visit; total number of prenatal visits; and length of gestation. Non-adequate prenatal care is a summary measure of prenatal care initiation and the number of prenatal visits. The "non-adequate" grouping includes "inadequate"care as defined in the Kessner Index of prenatal care.
In Connecticut, the elimination of non-adequate care could reduce infant mortality by an estimated 15% overall. Among african american infants, non-adequate care is more common, and its elimination could result in an estimated 24% reduction in infant mortality.
Connecticut Department of Health, Office of Vital Records - Birth Certificate.

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