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Ambulatory Care Sensitive Hospitalizations

Time Range: 2005-2010       Resolution: Zip Code

The rate of ambulatory-care-sensitive (ACS) hospitalizations measures those in-patient hospitalizations that might have been avoided if timely and effective treatment had been received previously in an outpatient setting such as primary care. This algorithim is based on the work from the New York University Center for Health and PUblic Services Research. The list of "Ambulatory Care Sensitive" conditions by DRG code is available at and the algorithm is decribed at
ACS hospitalization is often used as a proxy measure to gauge the accessibility and adequacy of primary care services for population sub-groups and geographic areas. Although chronic conditions may not in themselves be prevented, they can be managed through periodic check-ups and proper use of medications or medical devices. However, problems gaining access to primary care or failure to understand the management of a chronic condition may lead to hospitalization.
CHIME Hospital Discharge Data 2005-2010, Connecticut Hospital Association.

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