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Percent of Hospitalizations That Are Without Insurance

Time Range: 2005-2010       Resolution: Zip Code

Uninsured hospitalizations is estimated based on the percent of patients below the age of 70 hospitalized for acute health conditions who were not indicated as covered by insurance in the hospital records. The conditions chosen for this analysis were appendicitis and heart attacks since the likelyhood of admission for these conditions should be indepedent of insurance coverage. Inpatient Hospitalizations with payor of 'SELF-PAY' and DRG codes of 121,122,123,164,165,166,167,370,371,372,373,374, or 375 were selected (see
People without insurance coverage have more difficulty gaining access to personal health services and use less medical services than the insured. The uninsured receive less ambulatory and inpatient care and, as a result, tend to have worse health status than those with insurance. Persons without insurance often seek care later at a more advanced stage of disease and have higher mortality rates than the insured population. Much of this care is not reimbursed and is relatively costly due to the expensive settings in which care is sought (emergency rooms) or the late stage of illness.
CHIME Hospital Discharge Data 2005-2010, Connecticut Hospital Association.

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