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Alcohol Induced Deaths (Aamr)

Time Range: 2005-2008       Resolution: Census Block Group

The ICD 10-CM cause of death codes for alcohol-induced deaths are F10,G31.2,G62.1,I42.6,K29.2,K70,R78.0,X45,X65,Y15. Age standardization uses the standard million method described by the Center for Disease Control. Weights are based on the 2000 Census population (see Table 1).
Age-adjusted Mortality Rates (AAMR) are the death rates that would occur if the observed age-specific death rates were present in a population with an age distribution equal to a standard population. Values higher than a predetermined average (national, state, county) indicate that, after accounting for differences in age, a predetermined area's (city, zip code, neighborhood) mortality rate is higher than the average.
Connecticut Department of Health, Office of Vital Records - Death Certficiate. Population estimates come from the Nielsen Claritas Pop-Facts Demographic Report for 2007

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