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Datasets are available for download summarized at various spatial resolutions.

Raw Profile Data

This file contains values for each demographic and social determinant value as well a scores for outcomes, demographics, and social determinants. In cases where a value was not available at a given resolution it was estimated in one of two ways:

  • If data as available for a higher spatial resolution (e.g. we have Blockgroup level data and are estimating Tract level data) the estimate was calculated as a population-weighted average of the higher resolution data.
  • If data is only available at a lower spatial resolution the the lower resolution was simply assigned to the higher resolution areas within it.

Spearman's Correlation Coefficients

This file contains the Spearman's correlation coefficients for each measure (or score) available at this level. Correlations are run only when data exists at this or a higher resolution. For example, we do not generate a Blockgroup correlation when we only have tract level data.

Spearman's Correlation "p-values"

This file contains the p-values for each Spearman's test run above. For more information on the spatial resolution available for each measure see the Measures Page

Dataset CSV
Profile Data ,  CSV

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